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Health and Safety Policy

The Health & Safety at Work Etc. Act 1974 also says that the policy must be regularly reviewed and revised, and must be brought to the attention of all employees.

Whatever your current position, Jewel Safety Solutions can help. If you have no current policy at all, we can work with you to develop a brand new policy.

Maybe you already have a policy, but feel it is a little outdated and not quite to your needs. Rather than reinvent the wheel, we can review and update the policy trimming any sections not relevant and adding any required sections.

The level of detail will be proportionate to the level of risk in your business and completely tailored to your business.

Safety Procedures

All organisations with 5 or more employees are required to have written arrangements for the:

  • Planning

  • Organisation

  • Control

  • Monitoring

  • Review

of health and safety measures. This essentially means that some form of health & safety procedures should be in place.

Risk Assessments

It is a legal requirement for organisations with 5 or more staff to carry out documented health and safety risk assessments of all of their significant hazards. The Health & Safety Executive guidance advocates a 5 step approach to risk assessments

  • Identify the hazards present (a hazard is anything with the potential to cause harm e.g. slippery floors, electrical equipment, lifting heavy objects, stress, machinery, fire etc.)

  • Identify the people at risk from the hazards e.g. employees, contractors, visitors etc. Particularly vulnerable employees should also be considered e.g. young people and new/expectant mothers

  • Evaluate the risk, taking into account the likelihood and severity of any accidents. Existing controls in place should be identified and evaluated

  • Record the findings on a suitable form

  • Review the risk assessment regularly

Jewel Safety Solutions can assist in writing risk assessments or reviewing existing ones with a fresh eye.

System Audits

As part of managing health and safety, every employer has a duty to review and audit their management systems to ensure they are followed and they are compliant with the latest changes in health and safety legislation.

At Jewel Safety Solutions we can offer this service to you, whether we write your policies and procedures or not.
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